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  • James Pate


Dear friends

Jesus is risen and ….

…. there is life after death

…. Jesus is with us

…. there is hope

…. he is Lord of the whole world

…. he has all power and authority

…. he can handle our doubts

…. there is a job to do

I wonder what you would add to the list. Whatever it is, I invite you to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this Easter.

Come with your joy.

Come with your doubts.

Come to remember his death and resurrection.

Come to remember a few days that changed everything.

Come and hear the strange story that we couldn’t have made up.

Come and try to understand, though the more you understand the more you will realise that you don’t.

Come to say: ‘worthy is the lamb who was slain to receive power, wealth, wisdom, thanks, honour, glory and praise.’

Come and be amazed.

Come and let your mind be stretched to its limit.

You are welcome.

In his love


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