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Inclusivity discussions

Dear friends,

The leadership team met on 30th June to discuss the next steps following on from the teaching led by James on human sexuality over Easter 2022.

The points below were agreed by the Leadership team as the next steps we would like to take to consider our Church position further on this issue.

We’ve had some teaching

+ James shared 3 teaching sessions over Easter.

+ It is right to think about next steps together.

+ Its right to work through issues together.

What is the roadmap?

+ July – Share stories about our experience of LGBT+.

+ August – Share in discussion groups. (The questions for discussion below)

+ September – Continue discussions with draft inclusion statement.

+ October – Agree statement at Church Meeting.

Important points to consider

+ Everybody needs to hear your voice.

+ Not about winning the argument. Not about taking sides.

+ It’s right to take action and move forward together.

How can I take part?

+ Share stories – Spoken or written. Please contact or speak to a church leader to share your personal story.

+ Come along to discussions – It is vital that as many people as possible take time to discuss together.

+ Think and pray.

The Leadership Team want to encourage all church members and friends to engage in this important time of shared conversation. If you have any questions please share them with a member of the Leadership team, who would be delighted to assist you in any way they can or write down your thoughts, stories and questions and pop them into the box in church.

Grace and peace,

Daybrook Baptist Church Leadership Team

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