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  • James Pate

Anyone for breakfast?

A word from James

Dear friends I like having breakfast before the service.

Correction. I like having breakfast as part of the service. The early church met together and ate. They remembered Jesus as they ate and drank. They didn't separate food from worship.

Worship is something we do as family. Families at their best eat together. When we all eat together, with all our differences, we do something prophetic. When we get it right it is wonderful.

Jesus was well known for eating and drinking with people. Peter had to learn that it was ok to go the centurion's house and eat. Paul would go to people's houses and eat, raising as few conscience issues as he could.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus says that if we open the door he will come in and eat with us. The final celebration is a marriage feast. Everyone is invited. Come and join the party!

Even a drink and a biscuit after the service counts for something. We get to know each other. We learn to love one another. Those who have money meet as equals with those who are poor. Long time believers meet as equals with newcomers.

It can feel uncomfortable to walk into a room and eat with people. Cafes rarely work like that. Churches do. See if you can get over the discomfort and good things may happen.

See you soon for breakfast! Our next Sunday breakfast is February 19th.


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