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  • James Pate

It's Christmas!!!

Good news of mega joy

It’s Christmas!!! Ok, who is old enough to have just heard Noddy Holder?*

I’m told that some people have up their decorations even earlier this year. We need to do something to cheer ourselves up, don’t we?

Let’s get out the decorations!

This Christmas, let’s see beyond the decorations to the real joy. The message from the angels is “good news of great joy.” The word for ‘great’ is ‘mega.’

Good news of mega joy.

Mary is told to rejoice. That’s the word normally translated in Luke 1:28 as ‘greetings,’ but it means ‘rejoice.’ It’s a form of the word for ‘joy.’ What else are you meant to do when an angel tells you that you are highly favoured? By the way, the word usually translated as ‘highly favoured’ is also a form of the word for ‘joy.’ If I may make up a word, Mary is told to rejoice because the Lord has ‘joyed’ her.

Many years later Jesus’ disciples would see their risen Lord and not believe it because of joy and amazement. Jesus would open their minds and they would worship him with great joy. Yes, it’s that word ‘mega’ again. They worshipped him with mega joy.

So - it’s Christmas!!! Good news of mega joy. Your saviour is born.

May God joy us this Christmas. With mega joy.

In his love


* If you’re not, he was the lead singer of Slade who released ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ in 1973.

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